The ultimate waterproof Multirotor frame


Thank you all who supported this effort, it was a fun and educational experience. Other business has taken up all my time, if there is enough continuing interest I might make another run of the X-Frames in the future. Comments or questions are welcome, feel free to email me.




A two piece design allows for easier and neater custom component installation. Install everything as neat as you like, seal it up with some silicone, and screw it together. Styled in a sleek profile that offers great visibility for better orientation. Plenty of room for dual battery setups. Comes standard with reinforced motor mounts and Pressure Equalization vent, is 585mm, and weighs in at 470g.

Internal Bay Size is 8 3/8"L x 4 3/4"W x 2 1/2"H







Developed for FPV waterproof flying, this frame incorporates the same great features the original STEALTH2O was built on. Tough ABS 2 piece construction, sized at 585mm and symmetrical. All frames come standard with reinforced motor mounts and a pressure equalization vent for use with any Barometer based FC. i.e Naza. As shown, it weighs in at 560g and will accept up to 15" props. 

Internal Bay size is 16 1/2"L x 4 3/8"W x 2 3/8H"







The waterproof pressure equalization vent that comes standard on all STEALTH2O frames, is now available for easy retrofit into any other waterproof frame on the market.  Works much better than the "patch" method being used. Just drill a hole, install vent with some sealant, and tighten the nut. 

Pressure Vent - $15 USD 

Customer Feedback
"Got ur air vents today. very slick! They work very well!! Thanks!"

"Holy cow my Stealth H2O-H frame arrived and this thing is Massive! Tons of room for stuff although I think the largest props I can get on here may be 12" props. But that should be just about right. Very excited about this frame!"

"Just received the frame this afternoon, great frame and great customer service."
"Painlesstom, is a great guy. and he has a real winner on his hands with this frame. He ships fast. and has great support"
"Thanks for the quick shipping and prompt emails. Frame looks awesome.  Can't wait for the maiden flight."
"As soon as I get some off time I will go to the lake and take a video. I really like the frame. Actually it is currently the only water frame I own. To me it is the nicest one out there. I sold all my others."
"Thank you for sending my new toy promptly. It arrived safely few days ago."








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